RCNI is a registered charity (CHY 13236) and a non profit-making registered company limited by guarantee (363350). It is member-owned, and governed by our Board of Directors, which is comprised of representatives nominated from member Rape Crisis Centres (RCCS) and an independent Chair.  To date, RCNI has relied primarily on statutory and philanthropic funding.

Donate to RCNI

If you would like to donate to RCNI to support our work please email admin@rcni.ie, write to us at:
RCNI, Carmichael Centre, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7, D07 RHA8 or call us on 01 865 6954 

Alternatively, you can make a donation by credit transfer using the following details:

Bank Account NameRape Crisis Network Ireland
Branch AddressAllied Irish Bank
Lynch’s Castle
Galway City
Sort Code93-70-96
Account number52997044
IBANIE84 AIBK 9370 9652 9970 44

Leave a Legacy

A charitable legacy is when you leave money to a charity in your Will. Anyone can choose to do this. Giving a gift to RCNI in your Will means leaving a powerful legacy that will make a difference to survivors of sexual violence after you’ve gone.

Should you choose to remember RCNI through your Will, and whatever size your legacy may be, you can be sure it really will be appreciated. Thank you for your support now and in the future.

How your donation will help

Sexual Violence remains prevalent in Ireland. Addressing sexual violence to ensure an appropriate response for survivors of sexual violence and in preventing its occurrence involves many different professionals, individuals and agencies playing their part in a coordinated manner. The RCNI have been, and remain, a lead agent in creating transformation in Ireland towards addressing sexual violence. Our role remains critical.


  1. Work to prevent sexual violence.
  2. Raise capacity and standards across service delivery for survivors of sexual violence and their supporters.
  3. Gives voice to survivors whose experiences of sexual violence are silenced and denied.
  4. Expertly record and analyse information uniquely available to us and make it public.
  5. Improve access for survivors to appropriate services to meet changing needs.
  6. Inform responses to sexual violence.
  7. Share gold standard capacity with others in Ireland and internationally.
  8. Lead change on the basis of evidence.
  9. Work in partnership at local, regional, national and international level, with the public, private, academic and not for profit sectors.
  10. Model excellence in governance and accountability.
  11. Hold public sector agencies and government to account and deliver solutions.
  12. Provide evidence base to support and inform work across 6 government departments and over 100 NGOs.
  13. Raise funding for and commission groundbreaking research.
  14. Constantly innovate to harness new opportunities and technologies towards improving survivors’ experience.

Internships and volunteering for RCNI

Volunteers and interns are a valuable resource and we welcome, encourage and support them to get involved at all levels of our organisation and within all appropriate activities.

We are seeking volunteers or interns who are committed to the aims and values of RCNI to help us in the following areas:

  • Communications (social media, press releases, attending events)
  • Legal (legal analysis)
  • Advocacy and Policy Development (helping develop best practice and good governance across the sexual violence sector)

If you are qualified in any these fields and looking to gain hands-on experience while also gaining a good understanding of an independent NGO, then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

If you are interested, please email your CV to director@rcni.ie summarising your qualifications and how your career goals and interests could align with a volunteering or intern opportunity at RCNI.

We respect volunteers and interns’ right to privacy and confidentiality. We are required to hold all CVs for a duration of 2 years after which they are deleted.

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