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Youth, Alcohol Consumption and Sexual Violence

Rape and Justice in Ireland (RAJI) identified that adult victims of rape in Ireland are predominantly young, with half of all reported rapes involving a victim under the age of 25. Those accused of rape were also young: 33% of those accused of rape were under the age of 25.[i] The RAJI study did not […]

Alcohol Consumption and Victim Blaming

Victim blaming arises from the belief that a victim of rape ‘wanted, asked for, enjoyed, or deserved to be raped due to her behaviour or appearance’. [i][ii] Research provides clear evidence that intoxicated female victims of rape are more likely to be blamed or assigned responsibility for the rape than sober victims, while intoxicated male perpetrators tend […]

Sex Related Alcohol Expectancies: mediating rape and alcohol consumption

Across European countries there are notable differences in the behaviours of individuals who consume equal amounts of alcohol.[i] Culture plays a role in how we behave when we consume alcohol. Studies have shown that how an individual responds to alcohol depends on what effects they expect to experience.[ii],[iii] These are called ‘Alcohol expectancies’. Individuals will […]

Welcome to Rape Crisis Network Ireland’s Blog

Welcome to our new blog. We have created this blog to post information on our various publications and hope that people will share this information across other platforms. Keep an eye out for our first post.