Clinical Innovation Project: Q&A session for mental health professionals

Responding to the Trauma of Sexual Violence in a Post-Pandemic World


RCNI launches innovative training and research programme to address Counselling Survivors of Sexual Violence On and Off-Line


On January 14th, RCNI launched its Clinical Innovation Project: Working with Dr Jessica Taylor, of, to co-create a training for, and with, counsellors and therapists in the area of sexual violence.


The new programme combines both critical research and training. The programme will gather evidence and understanding around the impact of dealing with the trauma of sexual violence in a pandemic world, and how practitioners have responded. Secondly, RCNI and Dr Jessica Taylor will deliver a CPD recognised training programme, taking into account the evidence, to fast track learning and upskilling to counsellors. This will ensure that survivors can be confident that the services they are accessing, whether in person, or remotely, are of the highest quality.


The programme will also complement the implementation of the O’Malley Report, Supporting a Victim’s Journey: A plan to help victims and vulnerable witnesses in sexual violence cases.


Future-Proofed Training


The new training programme Counselling Survivors On and Off-Line will:


  1. Create a specialist and standardised suite of training for those working with survivors of sexual violence;
  2. Ensure that these trainings are accredited and recognised as CPD best practice by key stakeholders, including Government;
  3. Create a register to ensure that all those working with survivors in this post-Covid era have completed the training as the gold standard;
  4. Create an on-line community of practitioners connected to survivors through safe online platforms.
  5. Complement and strengthen other projects and programmes like the O’Malley report training.


The first piece in this project is a Q&A session for mental health professionals, which will be facilitated by RCNI’s own Dr Michelle Walsh, and Dr Jessica Taylor. This will take place over Zoom, and places can be booked here.