Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) Press Release 10th December 2019

The detection rate for sexual offences is the lowest of all the crime incident types. What is evident is the long wait for justice that is involved in one of the most traumatising crimes a person can experience, sexual violence.

Only 11% of the sex crimes recorded in 2018 were detected as of quarter three 2019. For crimes reported back in 2014 the detection rate has now reached 22% but for later reports in 2018 the rate is just 8%.

While most survivors understand that conviction rates are low, to have to wait for years to learn the outcome of the investigation and whether or not you will be one of the few whose case goes to trial or conviction, is added distress. We urge all agencies of the Criminal Justice System to redouble their efforts to overcome delay at every stage. While Northern Ireland’s Gillen report on this and other matter was released 6 months ago, we still await the Irish review commissioned by the Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan. We anticipate this report will be released by the end of the year. There is much that we can do in the meantime and we commend our partners who are working diligently to address delay.

This delay remains an urgent and critical challenge to Justice for sexual violence victims.

Clíona Saidléar, PhD

Executive Director

Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI)




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