Video launch – Amal: a journey through conflict, rape and the 8th amendment

Today RCNI are releasing a video telling the story of Amal’s journey to the UK to access an abortion following gang rape. We are asking people to vote YES on Friday so that others will have a very different story than Amal’s. Amal’s story: Amal was an asylum seeker who arrived here fleeing her central […]

RCNI call for clarity on child sexual violence issues

RCNI are concerned at the series of issues in child protection coming to light as matters relating to Scouting Ireland and child protection investigations are being uncovered and understood. From the report in the Irish Times on the 24th of April 2018, outlining the steps taken by the three agencies with regards a serious child […]

RCNI appalled by incident of ‘rape list’ in school toilets and call for urgent action

Today it was revealed that a school in Cork found a list of girls’ names written on the wall of the boy’s toilets with an invitation to vote with ticks for the one that would then be subjected to rape. The school reacted promptly but this incident leaves many questions. RCNI hope both those directly […]

Pre-recorded Direct Evidence and Cross-Examinations Should Be Alternatives to Live Evidence for Vulnerable Witnesses

Protections for Vulnerable Witnesses Like Rape Victims Must Start Well Before the Court Room In a timely report, a Multi-Agency Group of experts, convened by Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI), has recommended that the use of pre-recorded evidence should be increased and that pre-recorded cross-examination should be piloted in Irish courts in order to better […]

RCNI reach out to all survivors and their supporter following the verdict in the Belfast rape trial

RCNI reach out to all survivors and their supporter following the verdict in the Belfast rape trial The Belfast trial of Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding Blane McIlroy and Rory Harrison has had a profound impact. All four were acquitted on all charges after a relatively short period of reflection by the jury. The verdict […]

Report Rape figures jump a shocking 28% according to new Crime Statistics release

Report Rape figures jump a shocking 28% according to new Crime Statistics release RCNI today welcome the CSO release of crime statistics ‘under reservation’ from An Garda Siochána for the first time since they were suspended at the end of 2016. We support the continued effort by all parties to ensure that these vital statistics […]

RCNI call on Government Scoping Group on Sexual Violence Data to deliver recommendations under three guiding principles

RCNI recommend three core principals to underline all scoping group recommendations: Sustainability The scoping group should strive for recommendations that put in place measures and frameworks that are repeatable, embedded and supported into the future. Specialist The Scoping group recommendations should keep to the fore that sexual violence is a cultural and systemic phenomenon that […]

Calling out those calling out survivors

This opinion piece was published in the Irish Independent on the 16th of November 2017 We have experienced an extraordinary month of public disclosures about sexual harassment and assaults. What should happen now? Suggestions range across questions such as, do we need to hear more from survivors of harassment in other institutions and not just […]

RCNI regret to announce that no RCNI National Rape Crisis Statistics will be available for 2016

The Rape Crisis Network of Ireland (RCNI) has announced, today (19.10.17), that it will not be publishing statistics on the experience of survivors of sexual violence relating to 2016. The decision was made on foot of significant cuts to RCNI’s funding, which have resulted in a diminution of the network’s capacity to safely analyse and […]