Making choice to seek help is a big decision – 80% of sexual violence cases go unreported

About 80% of all survivors of sexual violence do not report to the gardaí. A damning figure which the Government and stakeholders such as ourselves are working to improve. To do so the question we must answer is why are such significant numbers of survivors making this choice? Survivors are women, men, and children from […]

Speech by Frances Fitzgerald TD, Minister for Justice & Equality Dáil Éireann

Statements on allegations regarding sexual abuse by members of the Provisional Republican Movement Speech by Frances Fitzgerald TD, Minister for Justice & Equality Dáil Éireann 12th November 2014 In my previous Ministerial role I often noted that child abuse hasn’t gone away. Regrettably this applies not solely to child abuse. Sexual violence generally doesn’t go […]

Failure of Government Strategy and the Sexual Violence Crisis

In 2014 six years of cumulative cuts of up to 30% saw the temporary closure of services by one of Ireland’s largest rape crisis centres. Yet six years of cuts and public funding shrinking has been accompanied by a very significant rise in demand on services nationwide – with a 28% increase in clients accessing […]

Column: Policy needed on sexually harmful behaviour in schools

RCNI call on the Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan, to make 2015 the year that schools became environments free from sexual violence. The journey from the moment of a sexual assault to the moment of confiding in someone who can support you is always a journey taken alone by every victim. But it […]

Role of Alcohol in Sexual Violence

This table featured in Dr. Antonia Abbey‘s presentation for the launch of ‘Young People, Alcohol and Sex: What’s consent got to do with it?’. It compares how alcohol affects victims and perpetrators before, during and after a sexual assault.

We could do worse than listen to what Beyonce has to say about sexuality

TIME to stop being coy in this age about the age of consent? Beyoncé’s new ‘visual’ album is, it has to be said, filthy. In a year that saw many public discussions on culture, sexually objectifying imagery, and sexual violence, it is fitting that the year ended with the release of this album. In the […]