RCNI urge anyone concerned about a neighbour to work with Gardaí

RCNI today, following the incident in Athlone of the abduction and suspected sexual assault of 2 children aged 6 and 9, urges anyone, should they have any concerns about the behaviour or activity of someone living in their neighbourhood, to work with the Gardaí.

Fiona Neary, RCNI director said, ‘child abduction is traumatic both for the victims and their community.  Research and national data tells us that acquaintances, friends and neighbours are the most commonly named perpetrators by child survivors, both boys and girls, attending RCCs in 2012 (noted in 39% of incidents). Strangers accounted for only 7% of all reported incidents.

‘The majority of incidents involving female children only, under the age of 13, coming to the attention of RCCs in 2012, were perpetrated by parents, immediate family members or extended family members. However, the likelihood of incidents being perpetrated by acquaintances, strangers and other non-family members increases with age especially for girls.

‘All communities can act to protect children. RCNI urge anyone who has concerns about the behaviour of someone living in their area to talk to the Gardaí in confidence to alert them and pass on any information that may prove useful.’

For Information please contact:
Clíona Saidléar 087 2196447