RCNI welcome today’s decision by Judge Carney to revoke Bail in the Patrick O’Brien sexual abuse case

Caroline Counihan, RCNI Legal Director said, ‘RCNI welcome the news that Patrick O’Brien will now go to jail and start his sentence.

We commend Judge Carney for recognising and apologising for his earlier decision on bail and in taking swift action to revoke that bail for Patrick O’Brien. We feel this is appropriate given the seriousness of the case. We hope Fiona Doyle feels that she has been heard and taken seriously within the criminal justice system and that this action by the court Judge can go some way to healing the trauma she expressed after the sentence hearing on Monday.

‘Judge Carney also spoke about wanting to involve other judges in the decisions he was faced with on Monday. We hope that judges will use the experience of this case to work with others concerned with the criminal justice system to look at establishing guidelines for sentencing. The RCNI will also continue to support judges in whatever way appropriate, including calling for the full resourcing of the sentencing database to assist judges.’

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