RCNI welcomes appointment of new Ombudsman for Children

4 February 2015


RCNI welcomes appointment of new Ombudsman for Children, Dr Niall Muldoon


Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) has welcomed the appointment of Dr Niall Muldoon as the new Ombudsman for Children, as announced yesterday by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr James Reilly


Dr Cliona Saidlear, RCNI Acting Director said, ‘RCNI have had the privilege of working with Niall Muldoon over a number of years, both in his role in CARI and later within the Ombudsman’s office. Niall has great insight into the vulnerabilities of the child and in particular brought a focus to the complex world that the older child both thrives within and navigates.’


According to the most recent RCNI National Rape Crisis Statistics Report 2013 7% of survivors attending Rape Crisis Centres (RCCs) were under the age of 18. 14% of perpetrators of sexual violence against survivors coming to RCCs were under the age of 18. 23% of survivors who were abused when under the age of 13 were abused by other children.


Ms Saidlear went on to say, ‘a focus on the older child and an understanding of their vulnerability to both aggression and victimisation remains a critical and under-resourced area of child protection and sexual violence prevention. We wish Dr Muldoon well in his new role.’


Also please see www.rcni.ie under research and reports for further information on children using RCC services in 2013