Senator Mullen Must Clarify Recent Comments

RCNI calls on Senator Mullen for clarification of his recent comments on charitable donations and pro-choice support.
Senator Ronan Mullen is cited in the Galway Independent 10/9/2014 as stating that the recent St Vincent De Paul allocation of funding to an LGBT group is ‘unwise’. Mr Mullen stated that ‘times were hard for a great number of people’ and the LGBT group AMACH! ‘had supported a pro-abortion march last year’ as some of the reasons for his opposition to the funding allocation.
Fiona Neary, RCNI director said, ‘by this logic, is Mr Mullen advocating that all recipients of funds from the Vincent De Paul charity are first vetted for any support of termination of pregnancy in any circumstance?
‘Data from Rape Crisis Network Ireland tells us that in 2011 alone 90 women and girls who had become pregnant as a result of a rape at some time in their life, were attending a rape crisis centre. These women came from all socio-economic backgrounds. Seventeen of these victims, including those pregnant as a result of incest, chose to terminate their pregnancy. According to the IFPA an estimated 147,912 women resident in Ireland have had a termination.
‘Is Mr Mullen advocating that all women and children recipients of charitable funds from the Vincent De Paul are first asked whether or not they were ever a victim of rape and chose a termination, or if they ever supported a victim of rape who chose a termination?’