Submission to the Consultation on Parental Alienation (June 2022)

Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice on the Ban on Sex for Rent Bill 

Compensation for Victims of Crime Consultation by Law Reform Commission RCNI Responses 

RCNI Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Gender Equality on Relevant Citizens’ Assembly Report Recommendations 

RCNI Feedback to the Expert Group on an Individual Complaints Mechanism in the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill 2022

RCNI Observations on the Sex Offenders (Amendment) Bill 2021


RCNI Submission on Consultation on Review of the Equality Acts

RCNI Submission on General Scheme of Online Safety & Media Regulation Bill 

RCNI Submission on 3rd National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: Sexual Violence in the Criminal Justice System (Updated September 2021)

Joint CLwDSV Submission on the Third National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence

RCNI Submission on ‘School Bullying and Its Impact on Mental Health’ to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education, Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science – May 2021

RCNI Garda Strategy Statement 2022-2024 Submission April 2021 

RCNI Opening Statement on Victims Testimony in Cases of Rape and Sexual Assault JOCJ 23 March 2021 Final 2 (1)

Joint CLwDSV Sub to the Family Justice OG FINAL

RCNI Appendix 3 to Submssion on Victims’ Testimony Special Measures Table March 2019 SI Final

RCNI Criminal Procedure Bill 2021 Commentary on Bill as initiated February 2021 Final

RCNI Family Justice Oversight Group Submission February 2021 FINAL

RCNI Submission on Victims’ Testimony to JOCJE Final February 2021 SI


RCNI Spent Convictions Consultation Submission November 2020 LPD Final

RCNI Submission on the General Scheme of the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill

Review of Child Care Act 1991 – Joint RCNI and One in Four Submission

RCNI Submission on Part 4 Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017 Purchase of Sexual Services Provisions to The Department of Justice September 2020

RCNI Commentary: Tom O’Malley Review September 2020

RCNI Submission on A Criminal Justice Strategy to the Department of Justice August 2020

RCNI Prog of Gov Letter June 2020

RCNI Adult Safeguarding LRC Submission May 2020 Final Word version

RCNI submission to UN Special Rapporteur on Sexual Violence May 2020

RCNI Submission to Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality 2020

RCNI Manifesto 2020 Actions for PoG

RCNI Manifesto 4 priorities 2020


RCNI Submission NCCA draft report on SPHE Oct 2019

RCNI budget submission 2019 End Sexual Violence

RCNI Online Harassment, Harmful Communications and Related Offences Opening Statement JOCJE October 2019 LPD 1

RCNI Online Harassment, Harmful Communications and Related Offences Bill 2017 JOCJE Submission September 2019 LPD Final 2

RCNI Submission on the Regulation of Harmful Online Content and the Implementation of the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive

RCNI Direct Provision and IP Process Submission to JOCJE May 2019 Final

RCNI Family Law Courts Submission to JOCJE Final April 2019

RCNI Legal Advice PMB Submission to JOCJE dated 29th March 2019 Final

Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice and Equality Feb 20th 2019

RCNI Courts Service Long-Term Strategy 2019-2025 February 2019 submission final

RCNI Gillen Review Submission January 2019 LPD Final (1)


RCNI Review of investigation and prosecution of sexual offences autumn 2018 Submission Final

RCNI Sex Offenders (Amendment) Bill General Scheme Submission November 2018 (1)

RCNI Sex Offenders (Amendment) Bill GS and SOA Bill 2018 Opening Statement to JOCJE November 2018

RCNI Oral-Presentation-education-JOC-23-october-2018

RCNI LRC Knowledge or Belief concerning Consent in Rape Law Submission October 2018

RCNI Briefing Note Part 4 CLSOA 2017 dated 9 July 2018 LPD final updated

RCNI Education and Awareness Submission April 2018

Questionnaire State+NGO RCNI Final Version annotated February 2019 1

RCNI LRC Fifth Programme of Law Reform Submission February 2018 Final
February 2018

RCNI Submission to the Commission on the Future of Policing Final
February 2018

RCNI Briefing to SV Data Scoping group January 2018

RCNI Briefing on Recording Delay in CJS January 2018 Final


RCNI LRC Suspended Sentences Issues Paper October 2017 Submission 1
Ocrober 2017

RCNI Briefing Note on the Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Bill 2016
> Updated Version 5: September 2017

RCNI Courts Service Strategic Plan 2017-2020 Submission Sept 2017 Final

RCNI Harassment Harmful Communications and Related Offences Bill 2017

RCNI submission to JOCJE GS Data Protection Bill 2017

RCNI Cyber-Harassment Submission updated post LRC Report April 2017

RCNI Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017 Briefing Substantive Law Changes April 2017

RCNI Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Bill 2016 Briefing February 2017

RCNI Sexual Violence shadow report UN CEDAW List of Issues and Government Response FINAL


RCNI Citizens Assembly Submission FINAL

RCNI Submission Garda Code of Ethics Policing Authority May 2016 Final

RCNI Election Manifesto 2016


RCNI Submission to JOCJDE on Victims of Crime GS July 2015 updated version Ariel with repeated recs

RCNI Priority Amendments for the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill

RCNI CLSO GS Observations Spring 2015 LPD 2

RCNI Alcohol Harm Submission to Oireachtas Justice Committee

RCNI Cyber-harassment LRC IP Submission January 2015


RCNI Garda Policing Plan 2015 Submn Final

RCNI Independent Policing Authority subn JRU June 2014 LPD F

RCNI Submission on Criminal Justice _Community Sanctions_ …

RCNI Submission on Criminal Procedures Bill GS to JOCJDE A…

RCNI Observations on Sexual Offences against Vulnerable People Proposals Sept 2014

RCNI submission on Integration Policy, May 2014

RCNI submission on new GBV national Strategy May 2014

RCNI at Oireachtas Justice Committee- State’s Justice Response to Sexual Violence Crime Can Serve Victims Better (February 2014)

The Older Child and Sexual Violence: Questions and Challenges for a National Response (RCNI Policy Document, January 2014)


RCNI Submission on the Strategic Review of Penal Policy (February 2013)

RCNI Submission on Sexual Violence to Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality June 2013



RCNI GIR GR document February 2012 Final

RCNI Submission on Legal Reform in Relation to Sexual Offences

RCNI Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality on “Gratuitous Violence arising from Alcohol and substance abuse”

RCNI Submission to the Law Reform Commission on Sexual Offences and Capacity to Consent

RCNI Observations on the Criminal Justice (Spent Convictions) Bill 2012

RCNI Submission on White Paper on Crime Criminal Sanctions

RCNI Previous Sexual History Evidence and Separate Legal Representation Position Paper

RCNI Legal Recommendations Position Paper

RCNI Children First Draft Heads Submission

RCNI Case Management and Pre-Trial Hearings position paper (expanded version)

RCNI Case Management and Pre-Trial Hearings position paper


RCNI Submission to the Law Reform Commission on “Sexual Offences and Capacity to Consent”

RCNI Supplementary Submission On the Draft Heads of the National Vetting Bureau Bill 2011

RCNI Submission On Draft General Scheme of the Criminal Justice (Withholding Information on Crimes against Children and Vulnerable Adults) Bill 2011

RCNI Submission on The Community and the Criminal Justice System White Paper on Crime Discussion Document No 4

RCNI Position Paper Reducing Delays before and during Trial: Case Management and Pre-Trial Hearings

Reducing Delays before and during Trial: Case Management and Pre-Trial Hearings

RCNI Submission on forthcoming Victims’ Rights Bill 2011


RCNI Response to FGM Bill Consultation

RCNI Submission to the Memorial Committee for Survivors of Abuse


Joint Submission to the Office of the Minister for Children on the Implementation of the Ryan Report Recommendations

RCNI Submission on the Management of Sex Offenders

RCNI Agenda for Justice Discussion Document

Improving the Investigation of Sexual Violence. RCNI Discussion Document


Consent on Sexual Contact: RCNI Discussion Document

RCNI Presentation to the Joint Committee on Children 2008

RCNI Submission to Cosc National Strategy

RCNI Submission to DPP Reasons Project

RCNI Submission to the Joint Committee on the Constitutional Amendment on Children

RCNI Submission to Government on Ireland’s Sixth CEDAW Report to the United Nations


Agenda for Justice III, The Investigative Process: Priority Recommendations

Agenda for Justice III: The Investigation of Sexual Violence Priority Recommendations

Balance in the Criminal Law Review

Proposed Children’s Referendum: Third RCNI Briefing Document February 2007


Zone of Protection Zone of Support: Why the age of consent is not the same as the age of Absolute Liability. RCNI Policy Paper

Whose age of consent is it anyway? RCNI working policy paper

RCNI submission to the The Joint Committee on Child Protection, Agenda for Justice II: Delivering on the promise of child protection

Agenda for Justice II: Delivering on the promise of Child Protection

Protecting young people from sexual exploitation: RCNI thinking towards effective legislation

Shortfall in funding to Frontline services costing Irish taxpayers

RCNI Submission to the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, Code of Programme Standards

RCNI Submission to the Children First Guidelines Review of Implementation


Agenda for Justice I: Towards ending injustice for survivors of sexual violence


RCNI Submission to the Consumer Strategy Group

RCNI Submission on Proposed Charities Legislation


RCNI Submission to the Working Group on Child Protection


  • The ICCL Victim’s Rights paper
  • The Catholic Church’s Working Group on Child Protection Policy, 2003
  • The Garda Siochana Bill 2004
  • The Corporate Plan of the Legal Aid Board
  • The Working Group on the Jurisdiction of the Courts
  • The Garda Síochána Policing Plan 2004
  • The Law Reform Commission
  • The Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Equality, Defence and Women’s Rights
  • The ‘User Panel’ of the proposed new Criminal Court’s Complex
  • The Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime
  • The CARI Strategic Plan
  • The National Traveller Women’s Forum
  • Irish Family Planning Association
  • Amnesty International Advisory Group on Violence Against Women Campaign
  • The RCNI has provided information to the Council of Europe regarding responses to sexual violence in Ireland