‘All survivors and their needs are at the very heart of what we do’ – RCNI Marks #PrideMonth

Today, marking the start of Pride Month we are reminded that while sexual violence spares no one, some are more targeted than others just for who they are. There is no set of characteristics, privilege or even behaviours that will inoculate someone from being targeted and victimized. But people are rarely victimized randomly.  What the […]

Rape Crisis Network Ireland Executive Director Dr Clíona Saidléar Appointed to the Health Research Board

Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) is delighted to announce that Executive Director Dr Clíona Saidléar has been appointed to the Health Research Board (HRB). The HRB is the lead funding agency for health research in Ireland and oversees a €45 million investment in health research activity each year. The HRB leads and supports excellent research, […]

10 days. 400 responses. 1 vital project to create world-class counselling for survivors.

It’s just 10 days since we launched our survivors’ survey and already over 400 people have already responded. This is truly remarkable. We are so grateful to each and every one that has taken the time and made the effort to complete our survey.

Counselling Survivors in an On and Offline World

“We can only start to make changes if you tell us what you need”

“RCNI really wants to hear from survivors of sexual violence”, says Dr Michelle Walsh, Clinical Programme Lead

Last week, the tragic circumstances around the death of Sarah Everard in the UK sparked concerns and renewed interest in Domestic, Sexual and Gender based violence throughout Ireland. In an on-line piece on March 15th, Damian Cullen of the Irish Times asked, ‘How safe are women in Ireland? Have you been through experiences of being harassed, assaulted or worse? He asked survivors to share their stories; thirty people outlined their experiences.

Clinical Innovation Project: Q&A session for mental health professionals

Responding to the Trauma of Sexual Violence in a Post-Pandemic World   RCNI launches innovative training and research programme to address Counselling Survivors of Sexual Violence On and Off-Line   On January 14th, RCNI launched its Clinical Innovation Project: Working with Dr Jessica Taylor, of www.victimfocus.org.uk, to co-create a training for, and with, counsellors and therapists […]

Rape Crisis North East Launches Fundraising Campaign

Press Release – Fundraising Campaign November 2020 – Andrea Corr